I want to rent an apartment in The David, what should I do?

The registration is open! The online registration process is comparable to the paper registration you might be familiar with. But, because of the digital processing we are able to react faster and you can organise and upload everything from the comfort of your own home. The registration consists of several parts, and contain different checks. In general, the proces is as follows:

  1. 1. Registration

You register online through this website. You can search for the apartment of your preference in the “woningzoeker”. Write down the address of the apartments of your preference. Make sure that you select apartments that fit with your income.

  1. 2. Preliminary assignment

The available apartments are assigned to candidates who have completed the registration, meet the income requirements and have uploaded all required documents. If there is more than 1 suitable candidate for an apartment, the apartment will be assigned through a digital draw.

The results of the first assignment are already announced by e-mail. In case you have received a preliminary assignment, you can choose to either accept or reject it. You can do this in your digital file. In case you accept, we will start the extensive final check. This can include credit checks and if necessary a call with your employer.

  1. 3. Final check and definitive acceptance

As soon as your file has the full approve ment, you will receive confirmation by e-mail that your file has been approved. The next step is that you receive the digital rental agreement for signing. You can sign this online with IDIN. It is not possible to make any changes to the rental agreement.

  1. 4. Delivery

Prior to the delivery of the apartment you will receive details about the commissioning of the house, moving, energy contracts and so on. We strive to notify you by e-mail 4 weeks before the key handover. During this handover your ID wil be scanned according to AVG guidelines to check the authenticity and registration in missing files.

When will the apartments be ready for delivery?

The apartments in the tower and part of the low-rise building are available immediately! The other part (part C) will be completed in early January 2021.

Is it possible to view the apartment prior to renting it?

Viewing moments have been scheduled. You will be informed about this via the newsletter. You can register for the newsletter here:

Do I need to pay service costs on top of the monthly rent?

Yes, service costs are applicable for the apartments in The David. This includes costs for maintenance and usage of the common area’s. The service costs are €45 per month.

What do I pay service costs for?

For the commons spaces that are used by all tenants, several costs are shared. For example the maintenance of the outdoor area, the cleaning of the entrances and stairways. These costs are being paid by the service costs. You will always receive a separate statement and an annual overview of the service costs. The way the service costs are being composed is determined by Dutch Law. You can read more about it on the website of the Rijksoverheid.

Is it possible to receive housing allowance?

The apartments in The David are being let in the private sector. It is not possible to receive a housing allowance. You can only receive housing allowance if the monthly rent is below € 737,14.

Are the images on the page about the types of apartments really images of that specific apartment type?

The images are artist impressions. They are meant to give you an impression of what the apartment can look like after you finish and style it. It is not necessarily an image of the apartment of your preference. The apartment will be delivered bare, with a fully finished bathroom, kitchen and toilet. The exact layout of the apartment is visible on the floor plan of the apartment. The relative position of the apartment in the building can be found on the floor plan of the whole floor, which can be found in the “woningzoeker”.

What is the effect of the measures regarding corona on the build and expected delivery?

On this website we mention the expected delivery of the apartments. At this time, the contractor expects that these dates will be realistic. However, the delivery date could be postponed, for example if delivery of certain construction materials is delayed or if there are further limitations as determined by the government. We will keep a close eye on this and if you are interested in renting an apartment, we will of course inform you about the date of the key handover.

Keep this in mind when selling your current home or ending your current rental agreement.

Income and assessment
Do I have to pay a deposit?

A deposit is not requested as a standard. It is only needed in cases where we need extra security. For example in case you are an entrepreneur, or if you have a temporary contract with your employer. The amount of the deposit will be communicated to you prior to receiving the rental agreement.

Do I get priority if I currently live in a social rental home?

We want to contribute to a healthy housing market. And that is why you will have priority over other candidates if you are leaving a social rental home behind. Of course you will have to meet the income requirements and other conditions.

Are you now living with your parents in a social rental home? In that case, this rule will not apply.

What criteria do I have to meet to be eligible for an apartment?

To be eligible for an apartment, it is important that you meet the income requirements. As a tenant, you must be able to pay the rent by yourself, a guarantor is not allowed. Next to that it is important that you can pass a credit check.

Registration has opened, so you can start your online application right now! We will ask you to provide information about your income, which we will use to calculate if you can meet the income requirements.

What are the income requirements?

To be able to rent an apartment, the following guidelines are applicable 

  • • Minimal gross (common) income of 3,5 times the monthly rent, including (if applicable) the rental price of a parking space per month. In case of a second income, the second income can be included for 100%
  • • Pension: in case you are retired, you are allowed to increase your gross income by 30% due to a lower tax burden
  • • Entrepreneurs are tested according to the declared income to the tax authorities, income statement IB 60
Do social benefits count as income, and (how) are they included in the calculation?

Social benefits count as first income if you are able to demonstrate that you can structurally meet the income requirements on the long term. Next to that, social benefits also are included in the calculation if it is the second income.

Can I rent an apartment as an entrepeneur?

Yes of course! As an entrepreneur you can rent an apartment if you have your own company for at least 2 years and meet the income requirements. We will ask for a financial statement of a closed financial year, prepared by an accountant or trust office. The result ( net profit before tax) will be used as your year income. The average net winst over multiple years will be used as your gross income.

It is good to know that we ask entrepreneurs for a deposit of 3 months rent at the time of signing the rental agreement. The deposit needs to be in possession of the landlord before the key handover. 

Can I rent an apartment as a temporary worker?

It is important that you can pay the rent now, and in the future. That is why it is required to have an employment contract for at least one year, supported by a letter of intent by your employer. If you have a temporary contract you cannot meet these requirements. If you are employed through a secondment agency, we will look at your contract and additional terms to determine if you are eligible for an apartment.

Do student grands count as income?

Student grands / studiefinanciering is a loan, so it does not count as income.

Can parents or other third parties act as guarantor if I cannot meat the income requirements?

No, it is not possible to rent with a guarantee of third parties. To be eligible for an apartment in The David you need to have a reliable long-term income that meets the requirements.

How are the apartments assigned?

Based on availability. If you qualify for an apartment at The David, you will be assigned a home of your choice when available. You then have to accept this assignment, you then have an option. Subsequently, the final check takes place and third parties can be contacted for a financial assessment. If the final assessment is positive, the lease will follow. You sign this with IDIN / IDeal. The check can take about 4 weeks.

Can I share an apartment with a friend or colleague?

Yes, that is possible! Contact the rental agent to discuss the possibilities.

Where can I find the registration form? And where can I upload my documents?

At the top of this website you wil find a bright button saying “register for an apartment”. This will take you to an external website, to create a new online account in “Mijn omgeving”. This is an online personal dossier where you can safely upload the required documents and fill out personal information.

Which documents do I have to provide?

An important part of the online registration process is to upload the requested documents. Without complete documents we cannot process your registration.

The documents we need depend on your personal situation. Mainly, we will need documents regarding your identity and income situation.

Do I have to pay a registration / agency fee?

No, registration fees or agency fees are not applicable.

Before (or during) the signing of the rental agreement, the first month rent and the deposit (if applicable) need to be transferred using internet banking. A deposit is only required in case you are an entrepeneur, you are not able to fully meet the income criteria or other special situations.


Who is allowed to rent an apartment in The David?

You are allowed to live in an apartment in The David if you register yourself at the rented address in the Municipal Personal Records database (GBA) of the municipality of Amsterdam, and live in the apartment yourself. It is not allowed to rent out the apartment for a short or longer period to third parties (short stay, Airbnb and so on). The signatory(s) of the lease and children are the residents of the apartment.

How many people are allowed to live in the apartment?

In principle the residents must belong to one household. Sharing the apartment is possible, with a maximum of two adults. This is only allowed if you meet the income requirements and if you both register with the municipal basic administration.

What is the minimum rental period?

You rent an apartment for at least 1 year. After that, you can terminate the agreement as of the first of the following month + 1 month notice. So for example, if you terminate the rent on the 19th of April, it means that the contract ends on June 1st.

Can I share an apartment with a friend or colleague?

Yes, that is possible! Contact the rental agent to discuss the possibilities.

Is it allowed to keep a pet?

Of course you would like to bring your furry friend or goldfish to your new apartment. This is allowed, as long as this does not cause any inconvenience for your neighbours. Make sure your pet does not bark all day, and does not cause any damage to your apartment or the common area’s.

Is it allowed to paint the walls?

The walls are delivered ready for painting. You are allowed to decorate the inside of your apartment to your own liking. You are therefore allowed to paint the walls or cover them with wallpaper. However, keep in mind that if you decide to leave the apartment, you have to return the apartment to the original condition.

You are not allowed to paint window frames and doors. Also drilling in the tiles (bathroom, toilet, kitchen) is not allowed.

Is it allowed to place laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is allowed, if you apply the right kind of subfloor and if the laminate flooring is suitable for underfloor heating. This means that the floor needs to transfer heat, otherwise a lot of energy and warmth will be lost. The apartment has no baseboards, so you can choose the ones that match your floor. We recommend getting advice from a flooring specialist to make sure the flooring is suitable for underfloor heating.

Is it allowed to attach an awning to the outside of the apartment?

Placing an awning is only allowed after the approval of the property manager. They can inform you about the which version and color to use.

What are the advantages of renting?

Renting is carefree and luxurious. You have fixed monthly costs, and no unexpected high costs for maintenance. The risk of the depreciation of the apartment lies with the landlord. Also, renting is flexible. You rent an apartment for a minimum of 1 year, after which the agreement can be canceled as of the first of the following month, with 1 month’s notice.

On top of that, you enjoy living in a modern and sustainable apartment, with a luxurious bathroom and complete kitchen with appliances, and low energy costs. Without making any investments yourself. Does something break in the apartment and a repair is needed? We will be ready to help you!

How are the walls and the ceiling finished?

The living room, entrance and bedrooms walls are white and ready to be painted. The ceilings have white spray paint as a finish. In the bathroom the floor is covered with black Mose floor tiles and the walls are tiled up to the ceiling with white wall tiles. The toilet has partially tiled walls and has a white spray paint finish above that.

How is the separate toilet finished?

There is a toilet and sink with toilet tap and toilet paper holder. The floor tiles are anthracite in color, and the walls are finished with white wall tiles.

Is it possible to choose my own kitchen and/or bathroom?

No. Each apartment will be equipped with a luxurious Bribus kitchen with integrated Siemens appliances and a modern bathroom. You can find the exact layout of the kitchen and the bathroom in the floor plan of the apartment of your preference.

How are the kitchen and bathroom finished and equipped?

The Bribus kitchen has white cupboard doors and a black composite stone worktop. The Siemens appliances are fully integrated into the kitchen. The exact layout and size of the kitchen will vary depending on the apartment type. Please check the floor plans for more details.

The bathroom layout is also visible on the floor plans. The bathroom has a comfortable walk-in shower or a shower with a door, and/or a bathtub, a radiator and a (double) sink. Depending on the size of the apartment, there might be a second toilet in the bathroom.

What equipment will I find in the kitchen?

The Bribus kitchen has Siemens built-in appliances. Each kitchen has white cupboard doors and a black worktop. In terms of equipment, you have access to an induction hob, extractor hood, dishwasher, multifunction oven with microwave and fridge/freezer combination.

Is there an ventilation system in the apartment?

Each apartment will have its own “WTW” installation. This is a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.

How is the apartment heated?

The apartments are connected to the city heating system and have underfloor heating. In the bathroom you have an electrical (towel)radiator.

How is the solar energy from the solar panels used?

The solar panels are connected to the common area’s and not to the individual apartment. This means that the solar energy will contribute to lower service costs.

What does the common garden look like?

The roof garden is slightly sloping, which makes it difficult to really sit there. The main part of the garden will be provided with sedum, grass, herbs and shrubs. The garden design takes into account the different seasons, to make sure that the garden is a delight to look at all year round.

There will be a path trough the garden and a water element. You can see the garden design by clicking the following link: Amsterdam Ricardo Residences daktuin

Do I have an external storage unit with my apartment?

You have a storage room in your apartment, and on top of that it is possible to rent an external storage unit for an additional € 15 per month. These storage units are located on the ground floor and the first floor. During your registration you can indicate if you are interested to rent an additional storage unit.

How sustainable are the apartments?

The apartments in The David have been built with great attention to sustainability. The apartments are connected to city heating and you have an induction hob, which means that there is no need for a gas connection.

What does the Service Manager do?

A Service Manager will be present at The David several days a week.

What exactly does the Service Manager do?

Communication and Hospitality:
o Contact person and source of information for residents
o Confidential advisor for residents (nuisance reports, applying discretion)
o Welcoming and getting to know new residents and informing about practical matters such as house rules, waste processing, parking situation

o Supervising the quality of the performance of other service providers such as cleaning, window cleaning, garden maintenance, elevator maintenance and general maintenance
o Supervising compliance with house rules, addressing residents who do not or not sufficiently comply with house rules in a friendly but decisive way
o Periodic inspection of common areas, such as corridors, galleries, elevators, stairwells, entrances
o Supervise and dispose of litter

o Ensure that there are no unauthorized persons in the public areas and, if necessary, address suspicious persons
o Environmental management, exercising social control
o Maintain contact with community police officers, municipal officials
o In the event of calamities: assessing the nature and severity of the problems, organizing and offering assistance and reporting the situation to relevant authorities and persons
o Deployment as an emergency response team

o Performing periodic checks on the operation and condition of interior parts of buildings such as entrances, floors, walls, ceilings, galleries, etc.
o Carrying out minor repairs, replacing defective lighting, adjusting door closers
o Provide name tags and yes / no tags or stickers and similar activities
o Perform winter services on request such as snow and ice clearing of entrances, walkways

Automation / ICT / BMI:
o Management of parking system, issue and intake tags, keys
o Managing access systems, issue and intake tags, keys
o Managing camera systems
o Managing narrowcasting (internal media)

Where can I place my scooter/motorcycle?

It is possible to park your scooter / motorcycle in the parking garage on the ground floor. There are more than 40 places available for scooters / motorcycles. In addition, there are limited options in the garage on the 1st floor and at the two shared bicycle sheds.

Where can I park my bike?

The David has a common bike shed where you can park your bike. Next to that it is also possible to rent an extra external storage unit with your apartment. Read more under the question ” Do I have an external storage unit?”.

Where can I park my car?

There is a limited amount of parking spaces available for rent (201). The parking spaces will be allocated based on availability in relation to the rented apartments. The parking space costs € 75 per month excl. service costs. You do not rent a fixed parking space, these are ‘roaming places’. It can therefore vary where you can park your car. During the registration you can indicate if you are interested in renting a parking space.

ATTENTION: No parking permits are issued by the municipality of Amsterdam.

Are there charging stations available for my electrical car?

Yes, 10 of the parking spaces are equipped with charging stations. If this turns out to be insufficient, we do have the option to expand.

Is there a fiber optic connection available in the apartment?

At the time of the delivery, the apartments will be equipped with a fiber optic connection in the living room and the bedrooms (UTP).

Can I, as a tenant, make use of the rooftop garden?

Yes, you can. However keep in mind that you do not cause any nuisance for your fellow tenants. There will be an article about the use of the garden in the internal regulations of The David.

Will there be a service manager in The David?

Yes, there will be a service manager in The David. At the moment it is not clear yet what exactly will be her/his duties and how often the service manager will be present in The David. We hope to inform you about this soon.

What will be offered in the commercial spaces on the ground floor?

This is not known yet. We are currently in conversation with several interested parties. As soon as we have any updates regarding the commercial space, we will inform you about it.