Found your perfect apartment in The David?

The apartments in The David are rented out via a digital process. This means that you can go through all of the steps from the safety and comfort of your own couch.

What to expect? On this page you can read more about the steps from your first registration to the festive moment of the key handover.

  1. 1. Registration

You register online through this website. You can search for the apartment of your preference in the “woningzoeker”. Write down the address of the apartments of your preference. Make sure that you select apartments that fit with your income. During the registration period (about 3 weeks) you have the time to complete your file.

  1. 2. Preliminary assignment

The available apartments are assigned to candidates who have completed the registration, meet the income requirements and have uploaded all required documents. If there is more than 1 suitable candidate for an apartment, the apartment will be assigned through a digital draw.

In case you have received a preliminary assignment, you can choose to either accept or reject it. You can do this in your digital file. In case you accept, we will start the extensive final check. This can include credit checks and if necessary a call with your employer.

  1. 3. Final check and definitive acceptance

As soon as your file has the full approve ment, you will receive confirmation by e-mail that your file has been approved. The next step is that you receive the digital rental agreement for signing. You can sign this online with IDIN. It is not possible to make any changes to the rental agreement.

  1. 4. Delivery & key handover

Prior to the delivery of the apartment you will receive details about the commissioning of the house, moving, energy contracts and so on. We strive to notify you by e-mail 4 weeks before the key handover. During this handover your ID wil be scanned according to AVG guidelines to check the authenticity and registration in missing files.